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Our credit expertise

" Bond financing of listed and unlisted companies. "
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Our Equity expertise

"Proficiency in French Small and Mid Caps as well as in our predominantly equity based wealth management approach."
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Expertise in emerging Markets

"With our SHANTI range, in Emerging Market equities and bonds"
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Management mandates

Private mandates

Our private asset management activity applies a rational approach to asset allocation.

It differentiates itself through :

Its ability to invest, according to the customer profile, in a wide range of financial instruments ;

A mix both discretionary and quantitative.

Our investment decisions are based primarily on proprietary tools for investment decision-making.

We integrate the approach to risk upstream of the investment process according to the principle of equal weighting of risk.

Key strengths of our private asset management offer :

A close collaboration with professional investment advisors helping our clients to determine the profile best suited for each situation ;

An ability to manage portfolios according to a profiled or completely discretionary management ;

A diversity of vehicles : French management mandates (securities accounts, PEA, life insurance) or life insurance vehicles under Luxembourg law.

Our partners :

Custodian-account keepers : Banque Privée 1818, CM-CIC Securities, SGBT (Société Générale Bank & Trust) ;

FFSA insurance companies : Neuflize Vie ABN AMRO ;

Insurers - Commissariat aux Assurances luxembourgeois (Luxembourg Insurance Commission) : Allianz Life Luxembourg, Cardif Lux Vie, La Mondiale Europartner.

Institutional mandates and dedicated funds

We have the resources and a proven track record in managing institutional mandates incorporating insurance-related, regulatory, accounting and solvency constraints.

Our aim is to meet two basic needs of institutional clients (mutual societies, insurance companies, etc.) :

To adopt a style of financial management in line with their specific constraints ;
To be able to meet customised reporting requirements integrating the regulatory and internal requirements of each institution (Solvency II services, assistance in producing ACPR regulatory statements [French Prudential Control and Resolution Authority], preparation of the quantitative impact studies and reporting for the ACPR, consolidation with the portfolios managed by other firms).

We also manage multiple dedicated funds for institutional clients using the same philosophy as our management of institutional mandates (taking into account the special constraints of institutional clients and customised reporting / specific committees)