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Our credit expertise

" Bond financing of listed and unlisted companies. "
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Our Equity expertise

"Proficiency in French Small and Mid Caps as well as in our predominantly equity based wealth management approach."
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Expertise in emerging Markets

"With our SHANTI range, in Emerging Market equities and bonds"
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Financing of SMEs

We have developed specialised expertise in the bond financing of unlisted SMEs, with two specialist partners (Entrepreneur Venture Management and A Plus Finance).

The Avenir PME Obligations Fund :

Contributes directly to the financing of French SMEs ;

Offers a complete bond financing solution (straight bonds, bonds with equity warrants, convertible bonds).

The Avenir PME Obligations Fund in 4 key points :

Identify French growth SMEs, using a rigorous selection process ;

Respond to varied bond financing needs : operations for organic growth, acquisitions, buyout capital ;

A capital preservation objective through the work of selection and analysis of a management team in one of the fastest-expanding sectors in the market ;

First "private debt" bond fund with a partial capital protection provided by Bpifrance Financement (BPI).

Under the supervision of the Chief Investment Officer, the investment team of the Avenir PME Obligations fund, composed of 15 people, has extensive experience and a highly diverse origination network.

This team is also supported by an Advisory Committee composed mainly of investors’ representatives and third-party experts sharing an in-depth knowledge of the issues relating to investing in SMEs.