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Our credit expertise

" Bond financing of listed and unlisted companies. "
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Our Equity expertise

"Proficiency in French Small and Mid Caps as well as in our predominantly equity based wealth management approach."
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Expertise in emerging Markets

"With our SHANTI range, in Emerging Market equities and bonds"
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Our Equity expertise


The France ID Smidcaps Fund is focused on the universe of small and medium French listed securities.

Louis ALBERT is the manager of the ID France Smidcaps Fund, and ensures :

Control of the risks associated with small-cap stocks

That investments are made with a "value" bias in quality companies

IDMidCaps, the leading independent French analysis firm specialising in this market segment provides consultancy on investments and makes available to our management team 7 senior analysts and quantitative valuation tools.

The main characteristics of the ID France Smidcaps fund are :

Investment in small and mid-cap listed French companies ;

Implementation of a robust and proven process ;

Sustainable outperformance of the benchmark ;

Control of volatility ;

A 5-year track record ;

5 stars awarded by Morningstar ;

Eligibility for PEA, PEA-SMEs and life insurance contracts.


The Exclusif 21 Fund is a diversified fund without the constraint of a benchmark.
Christian MARIAIS manages the Exclusif 21 Fund.

The double added value of the fund :

Stock-picking in large caps 

Volatility control by implementing hedging strategies on equity markets