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Our credit expertise

" Bond financing of listed and unlisted companies. "
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Our Equity expertise

"Proficiency in French Small and Mid Caps as well as in our predominantly equity based wealth management approach."
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Expertise in emerging Markets

"With our SHANTI range, in Emerging Market equities and bonds"
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Our credit expertise

Our credit management team consists of two investment professionals.

It uses a proprietary financial analysis process that combines :

Fundamental analysis of issuers and issues ;

In-depth legal analysis of the issue documentation ;

Investment on all credit asset subclasses ;

Risk budgeting on allocations.

This management approach is available on a set of funds and mandates managed for institutional and private clients under various constraints.

Benjamin Perray manages our range of retail funds :

Rendement Euro Plus and Rendement 2020.

Rendement Euro Plus : 6 key points :

A medium-term credit fund investing mainly in European corporate bonds ;

The flexibility to target all alpha sources in the credit market ;

An analysis of investment proposals based on the "4Cs" (capacity, collateral, covenants, character) ;

Active management of the portfolio ;

A net annualised performance objective higher than the index Euro MTS 3-5 years +1% ; control of volatility.

Rendement 2020 :

A short-term credit fund investing mainly in European corporate bonds having a term to maturity close to 2020 ;

Using an internal tool for scoring the liquidity of issuers ;

Financial management favouring a "buy and hold" approach ;

An objective of net annualised performance higher than 4% ;

low volatility.