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Our credit expertise

" Bond financing of listed and unlisted companies. "
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Our Equity expertise

"Proficiency in French Small and Mid Caps as well as in our predominantly equity based wealth management approach."
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Expertise in emerging Markets

"With our SHANTI range, in Emerging Market equities and bonds"
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Risk Management & Control

Our "Risk Management & Control" team has the technical capacity and access to information enabling it to exercise its duties independently.

Our "Risk Management & Control" team ensures that the operational teams act in a regulated framework observing the rules of compliance and professional ethics.

Among this team’s priorities are the primacy of the client’s interest, the measurement and supervision of risks and the control of formalisation and traceability of transactions.

The team’s duty is therefore to maintain a consistent ecosystem giving our asset managers the tranquillity to develop, while remaining fully aware of their obligations.

A monitoring plan is established each year that enables all themes to be reviewed with suitable regularity. Our company’s Supervisory Board receives an annual report on the controls conducted and aspects of compliance.

Our Chief Risk Officer is particularly vigilant on the points mentioned below.


Identification and mapping of different types of investment risks (e.g., market risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk) ;

Monitoring and documentation of these risks.


Control of regulatory and specific ratios through developments in our Portfolio Management System (Density) and proprietary tools ;

Control of the proper application of our "pricing policy" ;

Control of operations ;

Monitoring of exposures in each portfolio and their aggregation in order to obtain a global company-wide view ;

Use of specific tools for monitoring accounts managed under mandate ;

Monitoring of the business continuity plan and measures for safeguarding, archiving and restoring data ;

Organisation of a Risk Control Committee. This committee is convened each month by the Chief Risk Officer with the attendance of the Chairman and the Managing Directors.

The CFO is primarily responsible for monitoring the company accounting and auditing. He also takes part in certain internal controls in support of the Head of Internal Compliance and Control.